thcurious pygmy club

thecurious pygmy club

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A Little Taster...


Dine and drink with us at the Curious Pygmy Club and enjoy ritual dance, theatre, story telling, shadow art...and a hint of magic...


And of course, a delicious menu!

Aeons ago, before Alfrun became legend, she lived on this earth as we do...Keep reading to unravel a little of her story. The rest you will learn from our story teller Olaf at the our event!

'With little but the furs on her back and a small offering of cured reindeer meat, Alfrun was released at the edge of the forest. The Elder stood at the periphery, watching the little girl wordlessly take her first steps into the darkness, but quickly fled when his ears picked up the ghostly wailing that the forest seemed to breathe.


Alfrun was alone.


With snow and thorns already piercing the warmth of her moccasins, she picked her way through the shadows, snow-blind from the sun’s twinkling bedazzlement on the forest’s ice-blanketed floor. Without an idea of what she was looking for, she simply walked, silent and waif-like, through the undergrowth. The woodland was still – even the air seemed to have frozen in the frigid winter temperatures. The most she could hear was the brushing of her furs across the snow and the beating of her heart'.

Have you ever seen the ancient tribal dance of the Nordic Shaman they call Noadi?

Beautiful and mysterious, she uses her forest magic to call Alfrun and her wolf from the Saivo Spirit World.