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Professor Julius 


Founder of the Unusual University, London.

Bsc Egyptology

MA Tribal and Mythical Anthropology

PhD in the 'Study of the Human Condition'.


The more i live, the hungrier i get for information, explanation, exploration... People credit me with a superior body of knowledge on just about every topic, and this is an accurate assumption. I have traveled to each and every country on this earth and made full sociological reports on each native population I have ever encountered. Ask me about the native poison swallowing chicken voodoo of the Azande people. Ask me about Canadian goose that learnt to read Arabic. Are you excited yet perhaps a little trepidatious about the truth? The unusual is usually the  most beautiful.

I have been alive an awfully long time, seen two world wars and kept well out of them. I'm no patriot, I was born in Peru for pities sake. Born the second son of missionaries determined to bring Christ into the hearts of the Amazonian natives. I watched my dear parents, zealous and passionate make less impact on the jungle dwellers than an aphid on a millennial Baobab! My poor parents, they did not see that there is no one reality, no one truth, no one way to make a cucumber sandwich. But I loved the 'Godless' native myths and legends, I loved how little jungle boys would collect frog poison secretions and  mix it up into their father's evening dish, only to laugh and, occasionally, become mesmerized by their fathers' involuntarily dancing bodies and their strange mystical monologues that made no sense, all amidst the glittering fireflies, singing crickets and occasional howl from the local howler monkeys high above us.

When my parents had finally felt they had nothing left to bring to Peru, we traveled to North Africa to bring holy salvation to the Muslims there instead. And when the Muslims seemed too content with Allah to contemplate Christ, our family moved to this great country.

I grew up excelling in botany, animal physiology and behavior, all of which i studied in my own time. In school though-well, I excelled. So much in fact, that i was ready for university by the age of 15. And since things weren't so bound up in 'red tape' back in my day, i went to oxford aged 15.

I can't say i made any friends. Not a single one actually. But I had comfort and life forms to talk to in the form of my cacti that i had brought with me from south America. I began to develop an obsession regarding human behavior. It seemed to me that the new students were experiencing some kind of inner tumult which made their behavior and habits very bizarre and interesting indeed. The excitement of freedom from the parental nest and the frustration of not being able to boil an egg, let alone, the inability to formulate sentences in the presence of attractive females. I keep a little leather bound journal. I watched the older students and noted down their behavior. Not only them. I watched nature, I noticed when the bees disappeared. And the people of Oxford, I watched them too. 2.8% of women in Oxford have either a blue or purple rinse. I watched I wrote, and never stopped. 

Several years after I had completed my PhD and completed a trip to the northern part of India to document Sufi practices and mythology, I decided to start the Unusual University. I don't think i need to explain why I had the inclination to do this, but, my graduates are to be found in very well regarded positions in government, science, finance and pet shops.

Today I live in Nice, in the south of France, have a couple of years off before adventuring again. If there is a question to which I don't happen to know the full answer to, I would imagine it was not a question of interest or importance. 

I completely forgot to mention my hobbies. I bowl. My glove is Italian leather. A most beautiful thing of the most sumptuous purple. I also like to tan. If i must fake bake during the winter months in oxford then i will, one's skin is terribly important in terms of attracting the opposite or same sex. 

There is so much more to me and my character. I could write volumes about my travels but my questionatorium is not the place for this. May we serve and educate you where your parents, your own stupidity and school masters have failed you,


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Gaia Moonclearwater


Stargazer and expert navigator

Fluent in all earth human and animal languages and dialects

Freakishly accurate seer and predictor of unusual weather patterns, man made and natural disasters

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Senchanter Volka Kotartziwenaroffski

University of Minsk by Sturgeon. Masters in mapping the criminal minds for personal use.

Russian champion of the national stare-off

Sargent Major at the Zobriska Police Undercover Police Force specializing in the explainable, the criminally insane and lead monitor of the cryogenic extra terrestrial laboratory

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